Presenter, Athlete, Personal Trainer

Evelyn Stevenson


Welcome to my website! Here you can discover more about me and my career ranging from my presenting, weightlifting, dance and personal training. There will be regular updates and information; photos, showreel, articles and videos are all available here.

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About Me

Hi! I'm Evelyn Stevenson. You may know me from my adventures in the strength sport world or possibly from modelling or performing arts.

I have been involved in the Performing Arts and Modelling for many years and attended Arts Educational School for Acting on Screen and TV; but only took up Olympic Weightlifting in early 2010, and Powerlifting far more recently than that! In that short time I have become two time English champion in Olympic Weightlifting (2011/2013) and Two-time British champion in Powerlifting (2011/2012). And a World Silver Meadallist in Powerlifting (2011)

I continue to model and act alongside providing consultancy to training equipment manufacturers. Where I have time I also provide personal training and athlete consultancy services.


BSc Psychology (Loughborough University)

Level3 Reps Personal Trainer (EIF)

Acting for TV and Screen Graduate (Arts Educational School)

BWLA (British Weightlifting Association) Level 1 Coach